Happy Birthdays and Hostage Hotels

This past weekend I found myself in the midst of an………altercation. The truth is I still don’t really know what to call it because nobody would share the details.

Late Saturday evening, after attending my Grandfather’s 80th Birthday, I decided to stop by the GWL lounge where my relatives had made the interesting decision of shacking up for the weekend. I arrived to find my family sipping from hotel cups as they discussed subjects that didn’t concern anyone under the age of 30. Suddenly the clamor of the adult humor was pierced by the small voice of my 9 year old cousin, “Daddy there are guns.”

The 5-0 had entered the lower lobby just 20 steps below us and descended upon the halls 2 by 2 each carrying a 2 foot long assault rifle. Shocked by the gravity of the situation, everyone froze. We had been left completely vulnerable to whatever situation was going on and reaching any of the exits would require us to cross a completely open lobby. After about 20 minutes we came to the group consensus that we would try to make it out the front exit with great expedience making sure to stay low. Upon reaching the lobby my Uncle began a rather frustrated interrogation of the manager who tried unsuccessfully to convince us that the “situation” had been taken care of but that he couldn’t actually tell us why 30 police were currently occupying the halls of the hotel. After promising us that everything was 100% okay my Uncle asked if he could hear the same from the Sheriff. The Sheriff confidently informed us that “Everything was ok….for now”. After hearing this we abruptly ended our stay at the Great Wolf Lodge and decided that it would be safer to crash on the couches of my grandparents house.




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