For some, today is Thursday April 28: the day before Prom Friday. For others it’s the long awaited Kiss Your Mate Day . But for Drake fan’s, it’s a day that seemed would never come: the release of Drake’s 4th studio album and it’s arriving with a slightly refined name: VIEWS

The album, hinted at beginning in June of 2014 in Drake’s single “ 0-100/ The Catch Up”, will make its heavily anticipated debut during Drake’s Global listening Party happening at 10pm eastern on Apple Music. But before the Canadian native releases his passion project, here are some things you should know:

Drake isn’t a satanic lover of the number 6

Since the release of the unanticipated mix-tape “If Your Reading this it’s Too Late”, it seems Drake has devoted himself to full fledged promotion of the so called “6”. And if you’re questioning how “devoted” Drake really is to the 6, the aforementioned “mix tape” featured the number 6 in 5 of its 17 songs:

  • 6 God
  • 6 Man
  • You & The 6
  • 6PM In New York
  • Star67

But for the uninformed listeners out there that throw Drizzy on the aux only occasionally for his pure vocals and relatable lyrical narratives, it is easy to see how listeners could develop curiosity as to what the “6”  is and why Drake is running through it with his woes. So, in light of all the confusion, I’m here to tell you that the 6 actually refers to the Toronto area code: 416.

“40” is Drake’s producer

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Here goes Drake and his mysterious numbers again. For those confused, when Drake refers to “40” he is referring to his main producer Noah Shebib. The 33 year-old fellow Toronto native has been with Drake since the two teamed up on Drake’s first mix-tape “So Far Gone”. Despite 40 recently being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the two have remained an inseparable team since their 2009 debut. In “0-100/the Catch Up”, Drake reveals that he expresses concern that he and 40’s workaholic tendencies could be harmful:

I got 40 in the studio, every night, late night
Gotta watch that s**t, don’t want to make him sicker

And it seems Grammy award winning producer has been working right up to the buzzer after sending out a series of tweets that teased fans regarding the status of the album:


Well done 40! We’re proud of you.


Fun Fact: 40’s Father, Canadian Director Donald Shebib, directed the well known classic movie: A Christmas Story.


Drake’s very own View may not be as nice as it appears.

On Monday, Drake released the cover art for the hometown dedicated album featuring Drake atop the city’s iconic CN tower. But shortly there after, the image quickly sparked controversy over whether or not Drake was actually sitting atop the tower.  However, all inquisitions were quickly put to rest after the tower itself confirmed that drake was not actually on the tower and instead photoshopped.

The image, which could actually be quite prolific if he had truly sat atop the tower, is disappointingly boring knowing that Drake and his crew photo shopped the photo. Just as well, internet freaks who have far too much time on their hands have discovered that if the 6 God’s proportions were accurate he would stand at lengthy 12 feet tall.

That being said, I think it the image’s should be appreciated for it’s seemingly modest meaning that even though Drake has come far, he will still never be as big as the city he has grown to know and love. Also I was able to have a little fun with the album art using this cool website:!/

I may have gotten carried away:

Drake chilling on a moist snout  
yourviews (1)
Drake chilling in Laguna Beach
yourviews (2).png
Drake get down from there

Pop Style & One Dance

In preparation for his album drop, Drizzy dropped a fresh pair of singles this month. In “Pop Style”, Drake manages to resurrect The Throne, the group that Jay Z and Kanye created in 2012. In one of the hardest rap track’s all year, all three legends have something to say about there success thus far. However, while a confident Kanye fresh off his album debut spits a expectantly boastful verse, Jay Z add’s little more than a bar to the pre-album single.

Screen-Shot-2016-04-05-at-11.43.33-AMIn One Dance, which has surprised me with its rise to popularity, Drake explores a somewhat melodic Jamaican flow over a track that features dance-hall inflections. The single that now sits at #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100  features vocals from singer Kyla as well up and coming Nigerian artist WizKid. Hints at a new direction and cadence in Drake’s sound are very apparent in  “One Dance” and something that fans are undoubtedly excited for.



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