iHATE your chargers


Apple incorporated, headquartered in Cupertino, California,   is widely considered one of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. The brand that was birthed out of Steve Jobs parent’s garage has created groundbreaking technology such as the iPod, the iPad, the Macbook, the apple watch, the iPhone etc. So it blows my mind that the creators of these ingenious technologies are unable to create a wire that doesn’t, fray, break, or bend. An apple USB lightening cable costs $19.00 by itself, however if you want to actually use your purchase you must spend 20 additional dollars for the 5-watt USB power adapter. Add in sales tax and that’s a grand total of $40+ for a 1”X .5” cube and a wire. So for such an outlandish price you’d expect the thing to last at least till the birth of your great grandchildren. However, in my experiences the wire’s typical life expectancy range from 2- 6 month’s and that’s if you’re lucky.

Typically your chargers will start out stiff and appear strong enough to suspend this yoga loving bear from a tight rope!

HvYZAd6 (1)

As time goes on, chargers begin to slowly develop a neck that is comparable to this turtle!


And then one day, your charger’s low quality wires will suddenly cause your phone to fall victim to a seizure of vibration.


Fed up with crummy wires, I have taken my complaints to the apple store located in Kenwood. However, after waiting for about ten minutes to speak with a so-called “genius”, I was directed to a line that was exceeded the doors of the store and so I left. So last night I took matters into my own hands and decided that the only way to fix my wire problem with reinforcement.



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