Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night!


Perched high above the streets of midtown Manhattan, it appears that writers that inhabit the studio 8H of 30 Rockefeller Plaza have undertaken a deficit of hilarity. While they do have they’re occasionally funny guest stars, Lorne Michael’s hilariously memorable skits have become few and far between in recent years. While I find the actors like Jay Pharaoh, Keenan, Thompson, and Kate McKinnon mildly witty, I can’t seem to stop comparing the recently mediocre skits to what I consider the golden age of Saturday Night Live. What is the Golden Age of Saturday Night Live you ask? In anticipation for this question I’ve prepared a list of what I consider cripplingly funny skit’s that aired during a different era of SNL.

Welshley Arms

Professors Roger and Virginia Clively,  two unashamed lovah’s, are enjoying an escape to their favorite getaway. “The Welshley Arm’s hotel”. During a plunge in the “hottub”, the professors, played by Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch, are delighted to find that they are in the good company of rogue business man Dave, played by Jimmy Fallon.The two continue to make unwanted small talk with an uncomfortable Dave and  after several minutes of inquiry, begin to divulge tales of love making. Vitgina even goes so far as to claim that “when one first enters the scalding waters of the ha-tub, it is not unlike your first encounter with a new lover.”

In the scolding waters of the “hot-taab”, Fallon tries his hardest to suppress his laughter.Later, a single Barbara Her-nan-dez, played by Drew Barrymore.

Later, a single Barbara Her-nan-dez, played by Drew Barrymore.The professors continue to propose that the young bachelor and their good friend Barbara should make love, recounting their own stories of love making in the process. This hilariously eccentric skit filled with peculiar accents, Jimmy Fallon’s failed stoicism, and Will Ferrell’s obnoxious amount of hair puts it at the top of the list of my favorite SNL Skits.


In this skit, Jimmy Fallon and Sean Hayes epitomize the snooty attitudes of the New York Fashion industry at Jeffrey’s boutique. The two clerk’s are hilariously condescending to the fashionably inept customers that walk into the giphy (5).gifstore. Fallon remains surprisingly straight faced throughout this skit. However, when Will Ferrell enters the scene via wheel chair  Fallon loses it. The skit comes to a hilarious end after Ferrell receives a call on the world smallest
cell-phone and continues to ask how fast the Fallon and Sean Hayes can have there bags packed for Milan

Need’s More Cowbell

In this scene, a band composed of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kataan are set in a recording studio. Bruce Dickinson, played by Christopher Walken, is orchestrating the bands recording of “Fear the Reaper”. giphy (6).gifDickinson insists something is missing, stating “I have a fever. And the only prescription is more Cowbell!”Ferrell, who appears in a grungy wig and a shirt that fails to cover his hairy abdominal region, makes the scene hilarious through his obnoxious passion to play the cowbell.

 Celebrity Jeopardy

In this scene, contestants French Stewart, Burt Reynolds, and Sean Connery compete in what becomes a highly unintelligent round of jeopardy lead by short tempered Alex Trebek (played by Will Ferrell). anigif_enhanced-3653-1412751720-5In this hilariously skit, Sean Connery’s “Your motha” jokes and French Stewart’s confidence in his incorrect answers make this scene one of my favorite S.N.L. scene’s of all time.


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