International Man of Musical Mystery


Kanye West’s album Life of Pablo dropped nearly…. Well actually no one knows when it actually dropped. The album has undergone a series of premature releases some being highly illegal leaving people wondering: “who is making Yeezy’s business decisions?”As a matter of fact he is, which explains a lot.

So happy to be finished with the best album of all time.

Promoted over Twitter, The Life of Pablo is the supposedly final name for the album that underwent four identity changes leaving fans saying “So Help Me God” ( one of the possible album names). While there are many speculations on what inspired the name, I think Kanye is relating his work to the incredibly talented artist Pablo Picasso. Pretty Bold for an album with a cover that has the visual appeal of some mulch and looks like it was made with the 2001 edition of Photoshop.


Kanye has gone about “dropping” the album in a rather unusual fashion. In fact he didn’t really drop anything but rather leave a trail of breadcrumbs beginning when he premiered 9 tracks supposedly on the album at Madison Square Garden. The tracks were illegally recorded and released for the world to download. This was the first of Kanye’s series of unfortunate events. He then made the album available for $20 purchase on tidal last Sunday morning which was quickly downloaded and released to the world for illegal download. Ye has continued to make changes on quick notice to songs like “Famous” and “Facts” also releasing duplicate songs leaving his quote “So happy to be finished with the best album of all time” looking incredibly foolish. After the album was finally released on Tidal, he then tweeted “Ima fix Wolves”. I’m no art history major but I’m pretty sure Picasso didn’t show up at his buyers’ houses and say “Ima just add a tree here.” The discrepancies continue in that the version of “FML” on tidal is entirely structurally different than the bootleg version . As Kanye continues to make changes at random we must ask: will T.L.O.P ever be done? Don’t get me wrong, Kanye has definitely created art here but the key to being a great artist is knowing when your masterpiece is finished, and it looks like Yeezy’s perfectionism has left him looking somewhat laughable.

giphy (3)

In addition to the hullabaloo that the album has caused, rumors are spreading that Kanye is $53 million in debt. And while I’m sure Tidal paid Yeezy an insane amount of money to initially exclusively drop his album on their website, I don’t know it’s gonna write the $53 million check Kanye is looking for. The album has yet to drop on iTunes, in stores, or on Spotify, but it seems 90% of fans have it in the music file folder of their computers. This means that the amount of people who will actually buy this will be significantly lower. Wanting to get involved in the fashion world, Kanye’s made some hefty investments in the rich mans game. Kanye-Yeezy-season1-adidas-ripped-sweater.jpgHowever many of his ventures going south, after he dropped $30 million on one of his collection and another $16 million on his Yeezy-Adidas boot. Good thing Kim keeps her money separate or the two might be left with only these $2800 sweaters that look like my dog got to it.

Enough about the money, let’s talk about the album itself. Specifically the Tidal version that includes 18 tracks. The album features artists including Chance the Rapper, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and others. While Im picking favorites, I’ll be entirely honest in saying I haven’t heard an album in a while that I like as a whole as much as I do with this one. There is hardly a song I wanna skip apart from Low Lights which is just some women speaking about her God for 2 minutes and 11 seconds: don’t wait for Kanye on that one cause he never opens his rigid jaw in this track.
Waves is probably my favorite song on the album so far. While the song isn’t all that complex lyrically, the track sounds comparable to the birth of the baby Jesus. As much as I hate to admit it, Chris Brown’s vocals on the track also make it a musically beautiful song. The only way I can describe is by saying it’s as if Kanye recorded what a sunset sounded like and then topped it with some vocals.

I Love Kanye is more poetic than musical. It’s a 44 second long acapella track dedicated to Kanye, written by Kanye, and sung by Kanye. Man that’d be so Kanye. The song touches on the complaints of fan’s regarding Kanye’s recent somewhat angrier and “spastic” sound. The Chicago native basically addresses the issue with humor and pokes fun at himself which is ironically humble.

I’d have to say my third and final favorite song is Ultralight Beam. The song begins with a small little girl speaking to her lord and savior played over a synthesized organ track. I’m not doing it justice, but you might as well be on the alter while listening this church inspired intro that will leave you with the shivers. Kanye isn’t lying, it feels like a “God dream” (whatever that is). The songs vibe changes when Chance the Rapper dubs it with his effortless but fast moving flow. Adding lyrics like

Foot on the Devils neck til it drifted,
I’m moving all family from Chatham to Zambia

You can feel the lyrics, the spirit coming in braille Tubman of the underground, come and follow the trail

It’s the perfect way to end this smoothly resonating yet poignant track.

While Kanye business decision making could use some improvement, it goes without saying that the album is a combination of unorthodox yet likable tracks that resonate with more than just Kanye fans. The album features every sound Kanye’s ever formulated spanning from his College Dropout days to his angrier and louder Yeezus sound.  The release was a combination of overblown celebrity-esque decisions. But don’t hold it against Yeezy, after all only Kanye could make such a big deal about an album featuring a song about himself.


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