My one day stint as an ‘Early Bird’

To say I’m a morning person would be somewhat of a stretch. When faced with the decision between the cold outside world or my warm comfy bed, I often choose the latter. However this morning I decided to venture to the Bruegger’s Bagels of Madeira. Nothin like the bagels down in Madeira! And while I did enjoy my visit I learned some rules that I find crucial when living the life of an early bird.

Around 6:35 I threw my backpack over my shoulder and flew out the door to discover that my car was covered in a thick frost. I sprayed a great majority of my windshield wiper fluid and tried to use a hockey stick as a scraper but it did little to vanquish the thick Ice. I eventually gave up and decided that the 6”X 7” space that I cleared would have to do. Nice.

Lesson Learned: Never assume that it has suddenly got warmer.


Traveling up one of Cincinnati’s windiest roads isn’t a relaxing task as it is. Add in a frosted windshield, a bad case of hypnagogia, and a very dark morning made for a somewhat tense situation. So needless to say the behemoth of a school bus that came barreling down that narrow road scared me out of my tree and left me quite shaken up.

Lesson Learned:Never assume it’s only you and the open road.


While in line at Bruegger’s we saw fellow warrior Ellen Sayre! I quickly exclaimed “Hey you’re here” and she responded “Hey so are you!” I think the guy between Ellen and I thought he was being funny and announced “Hey so am I! We’re all here!”. I didn’t know what to say to this so I quickly turned back and began decided that strangers should not speak during such early hours of the morning.

Lesson Learned: 6:50 am is not the time for small talk with random strangers.

A few minutes later, while seated in a booth, I decided I would say something about the interaction that had just occurred five minutes earlier. “Who the hell was that rando???” I said oblivious to the fact that he happened to be still in line and standing right over top of us. A friend  of mine goes “Oh you mean this guy” and pointed to the fella:)

Lesson Learned: Always check your surroundings…


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