My dog and his cigar addiction…


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Being a dog must be ruff. The necessities to maintaining a wet nose and waggy tail for the most part include food, water, play, sleep and repeat. However Ted  isn’t your normal boring old hound. Everyone thinks there dog is the smartest dog in the world. I don’t. Ted is by no means the brightest pooch out there but he might be one of the quirkiest.

While most dogs enjoy the comforts of a pet crate or their bed, Ted has decided he is above that. When it’s time to hit the hay Ted likes to cozy up in a nice laundry basket!


Ted likes to think he is a dangerous bad boy but it’s needless to say he is easily spooked.

That’s a flashlight that he’s running from…

Ted also enjoys the finer things in life. After acquiring a fine $2 cigar for Christmas, he has become addicted. The cigar is about 6 inches long and looks frankly hilarious. However its downfall is its loud squeaker.IMG_8253

Ted’s addiction has become so bad that without a good cigar he goes absolutely insane and will stop at nothing in order to get it back.

Coach Parker would approve…


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