Mystery Park

This past weekend I escaped the barriers of Mariemont and hung out with a crew of fellas that showed me that visiting Chipotle and going to a movie is not the only way to spend a Saturday night in Cincinnati. Around six O’clock we left Madeira and continued on a route filled with good eats and great views. Our first stop was Atavola which I had heard from friends that it is an entirely different pizza experience…..and they weren’t lying. I think cooking the pizza to a blackened crisp is something that Atavola prides itself on…which is kind of odd. Also I think choosing the anchovies, lemon, and arugula pizza was a poor decision on my part. But that beyond the point, we continued to drive around the city visiting multiple parks including Ault Park and Eden park and had a great time.


However, in the midst of the adventure I kind of lost track of where we were and next thing I knew I was getting out upon the top of a hill in the dark. Vastly confused where we were I was kind of concerned but my worries were soon consoled with the stunning view before me. The Ohio River was slithering its way through the land dividing Ohio and Kentucky. The river extended all of the way till the doorstep of the city skyline that reflected upon the water. I’m trying to be poetic to justify this view and I’m falling horribly so here is a picture of the view:


Pretty soon after taking a couple of pictures and talking for a little while we all piled back in the car and we were on our way again. However, there was one thing I left back at that park: the name of it. I spent all this week asking around and Google searching but nobody was able to tell me what that small park with one bench was called. So after doing some exploring this week I retraced my footsteps and discovered that it was Anderson Park located near the precinct that wins my vote for best park in Cincinnati. If you’re looking for a romantic way to end a date or even just a peaceful place to do some philosophical thinking I’ve found the place.


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